Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★½

A lot of people, people who liked this movie, will point out how risky certain elements of this movie are, or how amazing Zack Snyder's visual style is, or that there a ton of literary/religious parallels. They'll to tell you it's not just a superhero movie. And you know what? I don't care what it is. None of that makes it a good movie.

Indeed Zack Snyder proves once more that he can have good cinematography in his films and that he has a good sense of visual style. And indeed, there are a lot risks taken and there a lot of interesting, I might even say clever, uses of symbolism. The music was good. Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Gal Gadot, and Holly Hunter were all good. Conceptually, I thought it was the right approach to such an idea. But all these good aspects are only good, nothing spectacular to outweigh the heavy flaws.

They completely messed up on the editing and writing. There are some moments near the end and the whole title sequence that were pretty well editing, and each individual scene is edited well enough, but each one feels so disconnected, when they transition they never take the time to establish the setting of a scene so when it changes you're saying 'oh, I guess we're here now.' Some scenes just feel like they don't fit at all, like the dream/premonition sequence made because Snyder probably just thought it looked cool. And this editing isn't like some experimental Terrence Malick-like editing either, it's just plain bad.

There are a lot of unexplained things within the movie too. Things like Superman some how knowing Batman's name, how Lex Luthor found out who Superman was, that sort of thing I blame on the editing. But why did Superman dislike Batman? Why did Lex Luthor want them to fight? Why did he make Doomsday? I mean, we are kind of given answers, but it's so vague and unclear that they might as well have no explanations at all. There is an attempt to create this clash of ideologies, especially with Batman who has the closest thing to motivation, but it just doesn't work. And when the motivation is lacking, you can't be emotionally invested. There are some any things in the movie that are just unexplained, unclear, or just simply makes no sense, that I find it very bizarre that they were able to make it without anyone possibly speaking up and pointing out mistakes.

Also the dialogue just sucked. If you thought Nolan's dialogue in the The Dark Knight films were try-hard philosophical-sounding nonsense then you'll find the dialogue here incomprehensible.

And despite all the risks this movie has, they still have a movie with a premature concept to sell tickets and jump on the superhero bandwagon, boring CGI action, useless filler only included to hint at future sequels, and a 'final boss' monster included just because one of the studio executives said they needed one. So in the end it's just another awful, big, and dumb action movie.

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