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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Cronrnberg’s most visceral and emotional film....heartbreaking, thrilling, GROSS. 
    To be covered in our #MindAndBody series

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    A peek behind the white picket fence and into the horrors that dwell within the sordid mind of the greatest living director...
    To be covered in our #MindAndBody series

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  • Host



    Do yourself a favour and watch this alone, with the lights out, the volume high. 
    Smart, scary, masterfully put together. This might be the definining horror film of 2020. The ultimate lockdown nightmare.

  • Us



    I love Jordan Peele’s brain. ‘Us’ feels like it’s crammed with huge, ambitious ideas and has so much to say. It works best when being unapologetically bonkers and basking in its surreal chilling images and creepy soundtrack (that I Got 5 On It remix!!!), but is least interesting when ticking conventional home invasion horror movie boxes and grinding to a halt to provide exposition. It’s no Get Out, but what is? I’m already eager to see it a second time. The horror genre is a more interesting place with Jordan Peele in it.