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  • As Far as I Can Walk

  • A.I. At War

  • Waters of Pastaza

  • Days and Nights of Dimitra K.

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  • As Far as I Can Walk

    As Far as I Can Walk

    The major success of As Far as I Can Walk comes from its humanism, which is felt through every aspect of the film.

    By the great respect it has for its characters, the film never sinks into a voyeuristic fable. On the contrary, it walks this line by way of cinematic distance and screenwriting proximity. This blunt encounter bestows the film with an impressive uniqueness.

    The director, Stefan, never uses common devices. He never falls into pathos, which would be…

  • A.I. At War

    A.I. At War

    We would also like to cite the audacity of Florent Marcie’s concept: bringing a very cute little robot into the jaws of the ugliest of mankind: war, death and destruction. His dialogue with his innocent friend Sota led to some strikingly poetic moments. The reactions Sota elicited among the rescue workers in Mosul and Aleppo showed a moving capacity for delight despite the surrounding horror. Marcie’s ability to film in the midst of conflict is also to be commended.


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  • Land of Warm Waters

    Land of Warm Waters

    It is a film without a linear story to follow, built up around surrealistic associations. It takes you by surprise from one scene to the next one breaking away from the traditional narrative techniques we are used to. Shot in super 8 mm, this film has a true courage to take us back to the beginning of cinematography with its love of moving images and photography. You cannot help but enjoy the strange and exciting journey they offer you. Land…

  • Waters of Pastaza

    Waters of Pastaza

    Ms. Alves is to be commended for her unprecedented access to the children of this tribe in the Amazon and the great finesse with which she filmed them. She has given us an immersive experience in a different world, capturing the group’s dynamic as well as individual characters. Ms. Alves documents the abundant natural beauty of the Amazon, reminding us that it, along with a way of life, are in danger of disappearing.

    The Special mention of the jury Prix…