Film Title Poem

Film Title Poem ★★★

Your mileage very much may vary with this one, for as the title (and no doubt the copious confused reviews) confirm, it is indeed an assemblage of film title cards. That said, it's a varied and eclectic collection, from old films through to modern ones projected with subtitles or hard-of-hearing captions, or even the distinctive markings of something being watched on a computer, from all kinds of countries and genres, but -- and I feel this is probably the key to its art gallery installation-like effect -- reinscribed with the signs of physicality. The main visual motif is a torch illuminating details of the titles as they are projected or pasted up on a wall, along with scratch effects that recall later Len Lye films or maybe the auteur's interventions in Irma Vep (which is indeed one of the title cards). This is hardly the sum of the techniques, for there are also washes of colour, superimposed shapes and even some MS-Paint brush effects. It has the shape of a structuralist film, loosely organised by alphabetical order (but not strictly), so we know as viewers how far we are through the full experience, and snippets of lush film scores are repeated with the fastidiousness of a Delerue score in a 60s Godard film, but that said I did find myself distracted at times and not fully paying attention. Still, there's plenty to like if you like this kind of thing.

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