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  • Bonnie and Clyde

    Bonnie and Clyde


    While America reeled from the first pangs of The Great Depression, there was a sense the American Dream and all its patriotic glory was about to be brought to its knees. There it would remain for half a century until the fast-paced jitters of coked-up stockbrokers and self-enlightened aristocrats would beat it senseless with a pipe, the blood of a dearly cherished fantasy trickling down to fewer and fewer as the steamrolling of modernity soon came into view. Bonnie and…

  • Through a Glass Darkly

    Through a Glass Darkly


    Suffering away in a fashion only he can master, Ingmar Bergman presents yet another classic entry into a filmography that, while slight variations can be found, is based on the same poetic, brutal themes. He often captures the unremitting pain found in the awkward silences between two loving individuals, and he is all the greater craftsman for it. Through a Glass Darkly is no change of pace, but the variables found within are endearing, it is the key to discerning these morbid…

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    As a catalyst, film can be utilised in many ways. Ever-shifting tones of passion and emotion pour out onto the screen. It is why audiences love film. A connection to the characters, and, by extension, the message or theme the film intends to present. Malcolm & Marie is an uphill struggle. There are pockets of potentially interesting moments that are scuppered entirely by a director who wishes to fight his detractors without opposition. It is a sad shame, then, that Levinson’s…

  • TFW No GF

    TFW No GF


    It’s hard to feel bad for the subjects within TFW No GF because of the degeneracy they not only represent but also because of how poorly the documentary is strung together. I’ve written nicer opening lines than that, but to be quite honest, that’s the nicest thing I can write about this awful entry into the latest SXSW film festival, which moved online to Amazon Prime recently. Finally, a documentary on incels, 4chan and how this culture breeds hate and…