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  • Short Cuts

    Short Cuts


    I was such a Raymond Carver dork in high school that when I finally saw this movie in college it was like an Infinity War-level event to me. Seeing all those disparate figures from the Carververse intersecting was this transcendent experience.

    As I reflected on that fact just now, two things struck me: a) it’s a tremendously silly way for a teenager to feel, and b) if I was a Carver dork in high school, why didn’t I see this…

  • San Fernando Valley

    San Fernando Valley


    It's bad, but I'll admit that it's the best movie I've ever seen about Roy Rogers giving a bunch of people violent food poisoning

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  • Cats



    Talking about this movie almost feels like a no-win scenario. If I say I had a blast, you assume I mean it ironically, but if I say it wasn’t ironic, you assume I’m a pathetic garbage boy with a brain made of canned peaches. But no, I just think this movie is a crazy good time, and I think it’s actually more aware of what it is than people are giving it credit for. If you go see this movie…

  • The Master

    The Master


    If PTA had actually gone through with casting Jeremy Renner like he originally wanted to, do you think that triggers a sliding doors scenario where Renner goes on to play Doc Sportello and win an Oscar for playing the Joker while Joaquin Phoenix does a bunch of MCU movies and makes an app devoted to himself? [doesn't wait for you to respond] I think yes, anyway -