• Doctor Who: The Chase

    Doctor Who: The Chase


    It was fun to see such a variety of locations in one story but some of the episodes were dumb, particularly the monster part. It's a shame to see Ian and Barbera go but they were good companions and I'm glad to see them have a nice little send off.

  • Crash



    I hope this didn't awaken anything in me.

    While I was left with a lot of questions, and not entirely narratively satisfied, there was a lot to love here, particularly the score and mood of the piece, creating a taboo atmosphere, like you're peering into something you shouldn't be seeing. It was engaging throughout and the weirdness is certainly played to its advantage, I can't see myself recommending it to people beyond: "You should watch Crash (1996), its weird as fish".

  • Doctor Who: The Space Museum

    Doctor Who: The Space Museum


    Interesting concept dragged down from some truly terrible writing.

  • Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride

    Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride


    On rewatch I realised just how insane this episode is. How is it never brought up that he DRAINED the Thames?? Also this made Canon that the earth was formed around a big spider egg? Surely pouring the THAMES worth of water into the earth's core isn't a good idea?? Also the Tardis can make it snow now???? And why did the Tardis fly off like that?? It straight up just flew upwards?????

    Good special but like what

  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland


    The prospect of a Western-Cyberpunk-samurai movie, directed by sion sono and starring Nicolas Cage is fucking UNREAL, which makes it so heartbreaking to say this was a dud. In practice the movie was nowhere near as crazy as I thought it would be, even Cage doesn't feel particularly unhinged - apart from of course when he yells TESTICLE - I was just left wanting more. The plot wasn't particularly engaging with lacklustre stakes and painfully uninteresting characters.
    It wasn't all…

  • Doctor Who: The Web Planet

    Doctor Who: The Web Planet


    Omg that beeping is SO fucking annoying

  • Chickens Scared by Torpedo
  • Capybara Walking

    Capybara Walking

    Capybara Walking

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    While the writing is patchy in places its still a very heartwarming and clearly very personal piece that is sure to break your heart and stitch it back up just a little. I liked the use of the two narratives used to show older Shia coming to terms with the traumas of his childhood, it works as a great storytelling device while maintaining a good pace and structure.

  • Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine


    I struggled with this one. There's a lot I like about it; the score for one, it's so understated and melancholy, I love it. My main issue is just how much I hated Ryan Gosling's character, and I really can't tell if that's the point. It feels like it's trying to show me a story of two people growing apart, but that's not really how it comes across. Dean in the later years is such an irredeemably bad guy, he's…

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    2nd Watch

    Quite possibly the best example of a flat arc. Beautiful movie. I'll never quite get over this one.

  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    I don't really listen to the talking heads but this was a tonne of fun. Infectious, fantastically made, and an absolute pleasure. Definitely gonna listen to more of them now! Good was the perfect shot of endorphins I needed while I'm ill