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  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder

    I might be missing historical and social context, but the movie seemed monumentally misjudged in its depiction of police brutality — not least against people with mental health issues — as comedy. Even though the film clearly presents the local police force as useless clowns, their brutal actions are consistently played for laughs. Watching this tonight in Brussels, Belgium, where the audience* kept laughing at the torture innocent people were subjected to, was one of the most awkward and disturbing experiences I've ever had at the movies.

    * Admittedly, Belgian audiences inexplicably and disturbingly tend to laugh during the most inappropriate and dramatic movie scenes.

  • Us



    Its sporadic intentionally funny moments were complemented by the protagonists' unintentionally funny acting and the frequent hilariously unfunny jokes, making this an often horrible comedy rather than a comic horror film.