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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    It's fine as a way to spend a couple of hours and it's a fun continuation of the spandex soap opera. I just think I'd like it a whole lot more if there was the slightest chance that everything that happens won't be reversed in the next sequel.

  • Documenteur



    Lots to admire in this autobiographical tale of isolation among strangers but the awful ADR just kills it stone dead. I'd be really interested to see a Soderbergh-style remix of this with new audio featuring people who can act.

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  • Jubilee


    Is this shocking? Do I shock you? How about now? See how transgressive I'm being? I bet you're shocked now. What about now? This is pretty shocking, right? What about this? Are you shocked yet? How about now? Come on, admit it. You're shocked now. What about now?

    That, for 100 minutes.

  • Vive L'Amour

    Vive L'Amour


    This is a glacially paced study of three desperately lonely people who all live alone in the same Taipei apartment, often at the same time.

    On a fairly superficial level, Ming-liang Tsai appears to be Taiwanese cinema's answer to Bela Tarr. We get long, stately shots of Mei, Ah-jung and Hsaio-ang going about their daily lives, sitting in bare rooms, smoking, sleeping. There are moments of deadpan humour and tenderness but the overwhelming impression is one of urban isolation. These…