Classic Gothic Literature to Film

Including Wilkie Collins, Edith Wharton, HP Lovecraft and other sensation fiction, penny dreadfuls & early horror. One of my VERY favourite book genres is Classic Gothic Literature, which has inspired film for years! Feast your eyes on these!
Orded by publication date.

Potential characteristics of the Gothic Novel:
-Gloomy, decaying setting, particularly with Medieval architecture, (haunted houses or castles with secret passages, trapdoors, and other mysterious aging architecture)
-Supernatural beings or monsters (ghosts, vampires, zombies, giants)
-Curses or prophecies.
-Damsels in distress, or more notably, "the Female Gothic" which focuses on the societal wrongs towards women.
-Intense emotions.
-The grotesque, mysterious & desolate.

Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve:
La Belle et La Bete (Beauty and the Beast) 1740

Samuel Richardson:
Clarissa: or,…