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  • Dune: Part Two


  • Straight Time


  • Point Blank


  • Dirty Pair: Project Eden


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  • Dune



    possibly the greatest literary adaptation in the last fifty years of cinema, and if you give me ten years to write up a book's worth of reasons why, i'd perhaps succeed in elaborating everything i have to say. just to prove that life is stranger than fiction, david lynch's biggest shame & a work of art born out of stifled creative control is actually a rather beautiful work that displays the strengths of said filmmaker, particularly in his interest in the…

  • Skinamarink



    the following is the only remaining portion of a transcript / script for an unnamed play, found in the remains of the 1991 edmonton fire. miraculously, one entire scene was rescued from the flames; all the other scenes and acts were burned before the discovery, words turning to dust. we may never know what happens in this play before, and after this portion.

    SCENE 5

    (we see JACK doing the dishes in a dimly lit kitchen. the lights…

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  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two



    willingly lose your head to the music; you may lie to yourself that your fate is preordained, and though there’s truth to those words, you know deep down that your desire controls this worm. you are the next level of evolution, and god help anyone who stands in your way; they do not hear the music as you do.

    religious fervour as an asset — here comes…

  • Straight Time

    Straight Time


    tragedy doesn't need grand set pieces nor bleeding-heart sentiments read aloud by characters. sometimes, all you need in a tragic narrative is a perspective towards the american penal system that’s more sober and honest than most, and a visualisation of how it’s so determined on violating human rights that they feel nothing about reform… and about how by releasing these former convicts to the world with no assistance, it’s creating a vicious cycle in which these people find the most…

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  • Kiss Me Deadly

    Kiss Me Deadly


    "I'm always glad when you're in trouble because then you always come to me."

    a rarity to behold, even in the vast history of cinema: a true beginning of something big, not necessarily in the sense that Kiss Me Deadly created this transmogrification of the film noir genre, but perhaps more aptly in that it spearheaded much of what was to come in a concentrated, heavily stylised manner. it's like the ghost of christmas yet to come is inside the…

  • Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans

    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans


    chaos begets chaos
    well, let's make lemonade

    i'm not making a funny little joke, dear reader, when i say i truly believe the script of this film (or at the very least, as it is represented onscreen) is one of the most perfect i can think of. i can't imagine even the most ardently film-school scriptaholics taking offense to how insanely cathartic the setup-payoff model here is -- not to mention that this pattern of chaos x chaos = clarity…