• Left Behind

    Left Behind

    "Let's make a movie about the rapture!"
    No. Let's not.

    Worst screenplay 2014.
    Worst acting by a person called Nick Cage 2014.

  • Watchmen



    Watching this movie was a very fresh, but strange experience! This is - except for the last minutes - the most authentic adaption of a graphic novel. Stunning.

    To be honest - this was so close to the source that it was a little...

    Great work by all the people involved, I was really impressed with the love for even the smallest detail.

    But because I know the comics so well, there were not many twists that surprised me.

    Except for the ending. Which - sorry - was better in the printed version.

  • Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

    Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons


    Maybe the most successful movies in China, little known in the West.

    From Stephen Chow, maker of "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle", comes this action-comedy based on a popular Buddhist parable. Funny - yet a little over the top for me, cheesy, colorful and entertaining.

    Themepark will follow!

  • Walk of Shame

    Walk of Shame


    See one single actress fight against a flat, stereotypical screenplay!

    See stereotypical crack dealers and stereotypical orthodox jews and stereotypical policemen and the dumb blonde girl friend all arranged around one yellow dress and one hard working comedian. Hooker hudlum!

    This movie really had to bomb, as it painfully did. But Elizabeth Banks fought like a lioness and proved that she really is one of Hollywood's most funny right now.