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  • Project Shadowchaser III

    Project Shadowchaser III


    The crew of the Comstat 5 space station orbiting Mars are going about their daily business when the station triggers an alarm; whopping great space ship on collision course! Impact imminent in 5… 4… 3… you get the idea. Space ship “Siberia” crashes into space station, one crew member instantly killed, atmosphere venting, and the rest of the crew battle each other and their own fears. With little choice, it’s decided to explore the crashed ship. This was a bad…

  • Steele Justice

    Steele Justice


    I like to think I have seen most of the ‘bigger’ 80’s American cop/vigilante action films. You know, Cobra and everything in its wake. So how the hell did I miss Steele Justice? Well it turns out this film has languished in VHS-land until this year when Kino Lobber rescued it and put it on DVD and Blu-ray (the print looks great by the way) and I guess I just missed the video back in the rental days. I’m not…

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  • City of the Living Dead

    City of the Living Dead


    I first watched this classic on a badly framed VHS under the title "The Gates of Hell" back in 1998. I still have that tape today, though this time I watched the new blu-ray. Always a good time to be had.

  • Death Wish 3

    Death Wish 3


    What a crazy entry in the series! All seriousness is thrown out the window (with quite a few bodies as well) as Bronson cleans up the slums of New York with a Magnum, machine gun and even a bazooka. I love how the whole town finally gets in on the chaos, including little old ladies.