Bridesmaids ★★★★★

LOOK AT THESE REVIEWS??? MEN MEN MEN MEN MANLY MEN MEN. GTFO, I cannot fathom sitting in the same room as someone who did not like this movie. There was a guy at work who shrugged and said 'meh' when I questioned him. I lowered my knife, and thought "what is WRONG with you???" and "how am I going to continue with this business, knowing that you are one of my colleagues???". I quit there and then, after slamming my forehead on my hard wooden desk, to destroy any existence of the memory that just happened. This movie is fucking fantastic, because it is OWNED by funny women being THE FUNNIEST. I am sick and tired of seeing movies where slacker doodz get high and laugh about FARTS and EYE FARTS. And then Mila Kunis blows them? NO. IN REAL LIFE MILA KUNIS DOES NOT BLOW YOU.