Captain Marvel ★★★

I had low expectations (me not being the biggest MCU fan), but luckily they were exceeded. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I saw Captain Marvel at the movies with a great crowd while I watched most of the other MCU movies at home. Regardless, there’s actually little that I disliked. 

Mainly two things: number 1 being the more or less forced creation of a nostalgic 90s-atmosphere through random 90s songs playing in the background of action or driving scenes. It worked during the driving scenes, but definitely felt out of place and a bit irritating during the action scenes, because they’re the only things in the movie referencing the 90s (except for the blockbuster store and the NIN-shirt). Not enough to create an authentic nostalgic feeling. 

Number 2 is the general plot. Sometimes it was all over the place, twisting and turning multiple times in the span of what felt like minutes, revealing some plot holes so gaping, even I caught them instantly. Also, most of the settings were based in space which I did not love either. Would’ve loved to see a bit more action on earth, thus giving the story a chance to create a real sense of nostalgia (see above). 
BUT fortunately, nothing of the above really bothered me or destroyed my viewing experience. Because there were far more good things than bad things. 

Brie Larson was absolutely charming from start to finish. Not one false note here. Sure, she didn’t need to demonstrate her whole range here, but that’s just how her character is written. That doesn’t make her less interesting or compelling though. I actually thought she had a lot of wit and great sense of humor. 
The humor in general was great. Not overdone, not too on the nose and not only slapstick or one-liners.  
Great CGI, solid action scenes, fantastic music. It’s pretty much all there for a fun, entertaining superhero movie which it definitely was. I won’t  dig too much below the surface, because if I do, I most definitely will find stuff that bothers me. It’s not a perfect movie, especially plot-wise. But it doesn’t want to be. I’m catching myself way too often treating superhero movies like they’re supposed to be some arthaus flick with a deep message. I had a fun time and learned about the origins of Captain Marvel in an entertaining way, which is the movie’s main goal. It definitely succeeded.

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