Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke ★★★★★

this might be one of the most romantic movies that exists? it occupies a space of complicated morals such that it feels more akin to real life than any kind of "realistic" romance. my brain and heart scream every second ashitaka and san share screentime because not only do you want them to find a common place as friends/partners, but as agreeing advocates for their respective peoples. they represent these vastly different lifestyles, these two monolithic parties — their separation is tangible and almost insurmountable. well it is, as evident by the end. they coexist, but they cannot be conjoined. it's less about the characters, I guess, than their mindsets and things they represent. it's mythic, equal parts tragic and cathartic. it's heartfelt and romantic, because it views the world through a lens of metaphor and idealism. not sure if that makes sense, but yeah.

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