Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

I saw Patrick Willem's recent Marvel video earlier today and he said something along the lines of that this movie's final battle doesn't follow the movies themes: ie being your own person, fighting for the little guy.

But... it exactly follows those themes? Sure, he's directly fighting to secure the property of the "big" richer guy from the "smaller" guy/villain, but Peter is taking initiative upon himself to protect the innocent people put in harm's way if he decides to let Vulture steal the tech and wait for the FBI/Avengers to deal with the fallout. He's fighting to protect the people like Liz, Ned, his aunt, Miles Morales (who is vaguely referred to) and the everyday citizens of New York from the danger that would occur if the Chitauri weapons got into the hands of common criminals. He is being a neighborhood Spider-Man, striving to protect his neighborhood and keep it safe. I'll admit that it was a bit strange having the switch to DC if they wanted to emphasise the "neighborhood" part, but that can be where I take off the few extra points. All in all, a very solid MCU movie that nobody can make me dislike in any fashion.

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