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  • Boyhood



    One of the best films I've seen in years, I don't think it would be a film I would want to rewatch too often but I would say it is currently in my top 5 films. Great script, natural acting, and all the highs and lows of real life. I loved watching the people grow up in the film, reminded me that everyone is on a journey in life.

  • Locke



    Loved this film, great performance by Tom Hardy and a fantastic script. Could easily work as a radio drama, there is very little need to actually see him! Would work very well as a play as well.

    It was a very human story and felt very real.

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  • Contact



    It was pretty average, it was a slow film and I wasn't captured by it's theme of faith vs science. I really can't stand Jodie Foster, a very over rated actor.

  • Frank


    I absolutly hated this film. Perhaps because I had no idea who frank sidebottom is. I was so bored I spent most of my time on my phone. I don´t think the film is bad, so many people liked it, I personally just had no idea what was going on.