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  • Wonderstruck



    NYFF55 FILM #7

    While the story and characters in Wonderstruck are certainly intended to have a lot of emotional weight, Todd Haynes and Brian Selznick, adapting his own novel in his first screenplay, keep things at a distance. I never once felt connected with these characters and struggled to stay engaged as the plot began to meander. It's a film where the visual style has more of a punch than the actual content. It's not a terrible movie, but rather an instantly forgettable one.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    NYFF55 FILM #6

    Man, oh man, the charm of Lady Bird is so infectious! Saoirse Ronan is a treasure to behold, adding so much humanity and hilarity to an already richly developed character. I could not be more excited to see what else Greta Gerwig can do as a director because this is one of the strongest debuts in years.

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  • Logan



    After the first solo Wolverine film being one of the worst superhero films ever made and the second film being moderately entertaining at best, I am beyond ecstatic with how much I loved "Logan." It's a bold, risk-taking superhero film with high stakes, real consequences, and genuine character drama. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give the best performances they've ever given in these roles and James Mangold fulfills the promise of delivering the hard-R rated, violent Wolverine film that fans have wanted for so long. This is the best superhero film I've seen in a long time.

  • Godzilla



    Featuring great performances, stunning special effects, incredible tension, goosebump-inducing sound design, a pulse-pounding score and spectacular set pieces, Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA is absolutely brilliant. My only regret is that I wish Bryan Cranston had more screentime. Otherwise, this film builds up to outstanding heights throughout.

    P.S. Please see the film in IMAX or any other large format theater if possible!