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Often times in war films, filmmakers try their hardest to have characters make their case as to why the audience should care about their safety in the midst of the horrors of war. What director Christopher Nolan does here is throw you right into the midst of the chaos, not giving you a chance to catch your breath from the start, and surround you with the destruction and terror that comes with being in the midst of war. Every gunshot has a jolting impact. Every spitfire flying overhead leaves goosebumps. Every bomb dropped shakes you to your very core. That right there is what makes "Dunkirk" a sensational, unconventional survival story with a deeper emotional impact than I had initially anticipated walking into the theater. Yes, the large scale war sequences are absolute stunners from a technological standpoint, but what really left me impressed most of all is how this is really a story about the inherent good within humanity that can brave through within the most destructive war zone. Through the unique structure Nolan utilizes to tell this story as well as his visceral, immersive direction, "Dunkirk" is truly a remarkable, breathtaking experience that I'm sure to be thinking about for years to come.

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