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  • Dashcam



    How many contemporary horrors are there that inject a heavy dose of freshness to the genre formerly known as found footage... Rob Savage's second feature film is not the first Web 2.0/iPhone made thing, but it is one of the best because of the brilliantly energetic performance from Annie Hardy playing a "band car styleee" version of herself, a risky (but fun!) amalgam of right-wing vlogger and anarchic troll: Is she making fun of Trump supporters? Shitting on lefties? Or…

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    Which is worse: redneck BS or woke propaganda? Doesn't really matter. Leatherface couldn’t care less about politics. And that's a good thing.

    If you are seeking a new twist on the tried-and-trusted formula, look elsewhere. Harmless stuff for TikTok teens, unfurling its lighthearted banner with pride. But fun from start to finish, unexpectedly nostalgic at times. And the fact that this sequel offends all the right people (left-wing and right-wing!) makes it all the more enjoyable. Just like old times!

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  • Nightbreed



    Still feels fresh and cool every time I go back to it… and that takes a lot of doing these days.

    On the outside, Nightbreed is totally '80s: from the fantastic makeup to Danny Elfman's Hellraiser-ish soundtrack; almost like a last solemn farewell to the golden age of Horror. But on the inside, Nightbreed is full-on progressive '90s stuff: An ultra-sharp political allegory about the persecution of outcasts. Ethnic cleansing wrapped up in mythical fantasy.

    The Cabal Cut is very…

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    First, I'm generally sick of kids in horror. Second, I'm like super-skeptical when a genre flick garners high praise from all-round. So I was quite mixed about this. But in all honesty, VVitch truly deserves much of its hype.

    From the first frame I was entranced by the atmospheric blackness. More than just a horror film, VVitch is an experience: A descent into the darkness. Pure and uncompromised. Ambiguous and absorbing. Simple but brutally tense. Even the soundtrack is stellar…