Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

I've seen the film twice now. Thinking about the film more and listening to Tarantino personally explain certain aspects of the film, I'm appreciating the film all the more.

Q+A, a podcast where they did an episode that was the audio from a Comic-Con panel on the film.

When the interviewer said he felt the film was essentially a fairy tail, my mind melted just a little bit.

This is Tarantino's fairy tale as much as it is his Western.

You could argue that Inglorious Basterds was the Western and Django Unchained is the Fairy Tale.

The way The South is depicted essentially as a descent into Hell, the more I think about, my skin begins to crawl.

There's a whole book to be written about the character of Calvin Candie alone.

Tarantino here has created a film that at a glance is a B-movie kick ass Western. But upon further review, it's like every other film he's made. Multiple layers of character and story.

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