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  • The Bourne Supremacy

    The Bourne Supremacy


    Taking no time in grabbing the baton from its worthy predecessor, this 2004 sequel ups the tension and pursuit of infamous amnesia-ridden assassin Jason Bourne. With Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips) picking up the reigns of the director's chair from Doug Liman and birthing the now-oversaturated method of what would become known as "shaky cam" filming, The Bourne Supremacy is a knuckle-gripping thrill ride and improvement on the first film in every way.

    After spending two years in hiding on the…

  • The Bourne Identity

    The Bourne Identity


    Where the Mission: Impossible franchise goes for the more fantastical in entertaining and James Bond more "debonairly tongue in cheek" in its presentation, 2001's The Bourne Identity fixates on gritty realism and grounding with a focus on government intelligence. Based on Robert Ludlum's famed espionage novels of the same name and spear-headed by Matt Damon in his arguably most well-known franchise as leading man, this iconic piece aided in kicking off the next era in action cinema and therefore should…

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  • Clannad


    This is a bore and a slog, even as a huge fan of the source material.
    The ONLY saving grace this film has is that it was released prior to the anime series' run and thus it can be stated that it was just a bad first adaption that missed the mark. The 90-minute runtime compacts the story and development in a way that is a huge disservice to the material and was later perfected opposingly by the full series.…

  • Afro Samurai Pilot

    Afro Samurai Pilot

    The "what-could-have-been" pilot promo for Afro Samurai. Released in 2003, this 3-minute piece, helmed by Takeshi Koikei and Studio Madhouse, was a taste of what was to come for their full production of the anime series. However, the delayed production of the film Redline caused Koikei and the production company to cancel the full show before handing it over to Studio Gonzo. This eventually led to the Spike TV 5-episode miniseries of 2009 that we have today.

    It's a bummer to say the least, as you can see the stylized smorgasbord that would have taken place if this pilot had pushed the production forward to completion.