Amélie ★★★½

Nominated for 5 Academy Awards and being the most financially grossing French-speaking film in the United States to-date, Amélie comes up frequently in various film circles. With quirky flair, surreal cinematography, and whimsically eccentric characters, the piece catches the eye of its viewer with a slice of Parisian life that will have the audience saying "that's so French!" over and over again.

Boasting an impressive accordion-heavy score and striking visuals, the movie grinningly sucked me into its embellished world. The titular character is an introverted likable young girl who has had her emotional feeling suppressed during the course of her upbringing and has ultimately led her to lead a quiet single life in beautiful Montmartre. All that changes on the day she discovers a treasure in her apartment and becomes a compulsive altruistic do-gooder, while also beginning to discover her own personal feelings about life and love.

In its fullness, Amélie does no harm and is a very cheery watch while boasting a cultural edge that will enlighten the viewer no matter what walk of life. However, it began to drag in the final third and started to feel a bit long for its own good (ultimately losing it the higher rating I was hoping to give during the first half of the viewing). Comparatively, it has elements of a Wes Anderson-esque presentation while continuing to walk in its own cheer as if nothing can slow it down but itself. I most definitely endorse a watch, but do not expect to return anytime soon due to its struggle with a dragging pace in the final third. In short, visually stunning work with likable peculiar characters!
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