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  • Clash



    عمل عربي مصري أكثر من رائع إخراجياً ونصياً.. إنبهرت فعلاً
    مازالت مصر هي الأولى والوحيدة من الدول العربية اللي ممكن تنافس الدول الأجنبية في مجال الأفلام


  • Melancholia



    Very Useless first chapter that wasn’t needed, it would been better if they focused on the second chapter with (Claire), she was the star of this movie and her story was more important than the grumpy crazy white bitch. 

    Boring slow-mo filled with annoying soundtrack. Also, shaky camera at some points. 

    2.5 stars only for (Claire’s) performance and the cool wide shots.

    الفصل الاول ماكان له داعي ابد، قصة جاستين ماكانت مهمة ابد عكس كلير اللي كانت قصتها أهم واقوى…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    So smart, so original 🕶

    I had so much fun watching this flick in the theatre. I didn't expect it to be good. I guess my lower expectations works fine 😁

    It had some slow pace moments which is alright because it builds the story, but I wish they didn't marketed it as %100 fast action film like the trailer did. So the key to enjoy it is to low your expectations and you'll love it. Also, it is filled with music and soundtrack from the beginning to end till the point where you feels you are watching a music video.

  • Land of Mine

    Land of Mine


    Struggling, fighting and dying in the name of countries. A war made by my home, I pay it by my soul, hoping to get back home. 

    حرب تسبب فيها الوطن، ادفع ثمنها بروحي، لأعود للوطن