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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    If you want big moments, this film has them. And like Infinity War, it gets to them with swagger. It doesn't always follow the rules of narrative. It glosses over some things. It makes huge logical leaps. It skips between the concerns of a humongous cast of characters, their backstories embedded in other movies, urging the viewer to catch up. If you stop a little bit to think about the new concepts they've introduced to this cinematic universe, you might…

  • Ulan



    It feels goofy at times. The tone twists and bends, leaning comedic, jumping dramatic, veering into the fantastical. Maya is given advice by a tikbalang. She believes the rain is a curse. She speaks to typhoons. It's all in her head, or maybe it isn't. It doesn't really matter, in the end. It gets goofy, but that's mainly a consequence of the film's earnestness.

    This isn't really a romance. In some ways, it's an anti-romance. The film takes the tropes…

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  • Goyo: The Boy General

    Goyo: The Boy General


    There's a lot being said in this movie, the themes at times spelled out in character voiceovers that read the letters they've been writing to each other. Mabini's letters are especially of note, and in so doing it becomes much more about Aguinaldo instead of del Pilar, whose arc involves a rather vague connection between his love for a woman and his love for country. In all this, the movie doesn't really explore the relationship between him and the president,…

  • Alone/Together



    One of the things that sets apart an Antoinette Jadaone film from any of the other romantic films that we regularly churns out is the proximity of the characters. Her films keep the two main characters physically close to each other through most of the run time. Your average romantic film tends to be about what keeps them apart: the story revolving around the various elements in their lives that keeps them from just being happy together. Her first few…