All Good ★★★★

So this movie really starts with a sexual assault scene played as something perfectly banal: just something that women experience, because even guys who think they're nice have it in them to be this kind of terrible. Not exactly threatening, but prone to thinking that they deserve some kind of sexual transaction after a nice night out. It sets up the rest of the movie, which is about how the main character just doesn't want to deal with the drama that comes with a sexual assault, how she would rather just keep her head down and try to get on with the rest of her life. The choice isn't questioned at all in the movie, because it becomes pretty clear that she's dealt with this kind of shit her whole life, and she's got too much other shit to think about. The film contrive situations that test her, and this is where it gets a little hairy. But for the most part, the movie delivers this very reserved, yet definitely angry depiction of the world as it is today, full of strong, smart women who've had to bear the weight of an assault.