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  • The Red Man's View

    The Red Man's View


    This isn't as bad as I was expecting, with Griffith succumbing to a few stereotypes (and almost certainly not using native actors), but generally painting the Native Americans as victims of the white men's cruelty and giving us a great deal of empathy for them. Just saying, with Griffith, could've been a lot worse. That said, it's pretty flat as a film.

  • The Dentures

    The Dentures


    The print of this on YouTube is terrible, but it seems to be about a pair of dentures with a mind of its own that bites everyone. Maybe it would be better if I could really see it, but even so, the central joke isn't really played that funny.

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  • The Raid

    The Raid


    For a little while I was afraid I'd misheard and it was gonna be all guns, which would've been boring and just needlessly violent (in a boring way). But then the hand-to-hand stuff started, and all of that was awesome. So yeah. Just enough story to string a nearly 100-minute long fight scene on, and that was enough. Also, it was surprisingly well-paced for basically being a long fight scene, with some breather sections in there at just the right times. Definitely had fun with this.

  • The Sealed Room

    The Sealed Room


    This seems like an odd one for Griffith, a costume drama, but once I realized the similarities to Poe, it made more sense as I've heard Griffith was a Poe fan. That turn makes the film worth it, but it's nothing special cinematically. Mary Pickford is one of the chambermaids.