The Pumpkin Race ★★★★

This is one of my favorite subgenres of early film - a whole bunch of people chasing something for almost no reason through various obstacles. One of the straightest takes on this is The Policeman's Little Run, with a bunch of policemen chasing a dog who has stolen a bunch of sausages. It's funny, but it's at least somewhat believable throughout, aside from the sheer number of policemen who apparently have nothing better to do. THIS one, though. In this one, some punk kids unhook a guy's donkey from his cart full of pumpkins, and the pumpkins fall out and roll down a hill. The guy takes the donkey and runs after the pumpkins. So far so understandable. Then literally everyone the pumpkins go by joins in the chase, then the pumpkins start going up and over railings, jumping through windows, FLYING UP CHIMNEYS and more, with all these people (plus donkey) in pursuit. It's amazing. I loved it.