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  • The Red Man's View

    The Red Man's View


    This isn't as bad as I was expecting, with Griffith succumbing to a few stereotypes (and almost certainly not using native actors), but generally painting the Native Americans as victims of the white men's cruelty and giving us a great deal of empathy for them. Just saying, with Griffith, could've been a lot worse. That said, it's pretty flat as a film.

  • The Dentures

    The Dentures


    The print of this on YouTube is terrible, but it seems to be about a pair of dentures with a mind of its own that bites everyone. Maybe it would be better if I could really see it, but even so, the central joke isn't really played that funny.

  • The Sealed Room

    The Sealed Room


    This seems like an odd one for Griffith, a costume drama, but once I realized the similarities to Poe, it made more sense as I've heard Griffith was a Poe fan. That turn makes the film worth it, but it's nothing special cinematically. Mary Pickford is one of the chambermaids.

  • Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy

    Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy


    Some fun effects, with the size juxtaposition in particular quite well done, and some good stop motion and use of close ups and vignettes. Ultimately slight, though.

  • La Possession de l'enfant

    La Possession de l'enfant


    Feiullade turns to social drama with a man getting custody of his son from his "unfit mother." No mention of why mom and dad are separated (or if they were actually ever together) or what makes her unfit other than she's not got a lot of money. Relatively routine in terms of filmmaking, but noting an increasing use of title cards, not for dialogue yet, but to explain what's happening in the next scene.

  • The Merry Microbes

    The Merry Microbes


    A doctor shows a man his microbes, causing him all sorts of trouble. The animations are enjoyable as always, but Cohl isn't really breaking that much new ground here, and his earlier shorts this year are more consistent and entertaining.

  • The Country Doctor

    The Country Doctor


    Well, dang, as a mother of a daughter not much younger than these two ill girls, this was kind of brutal. Not sure Griffith's opening message played out, as the doctor was in a pretty impossible situation no matter what he did, but I did really appreciate the use of title cards! Though Griffith's evolving visual sophistication probably would've made this comprehensible anyway. They invent it just when they don't need it anymore. But yeah, the opening pan was like an electric shock, and the parallel one was the perfect capper.

  • Le printemps, épisode 1 : L'Éveil des sources, l'éveil des nids

    Le printemps, épisode 1 : L'Éveil des sources, l'éveil des nids


    Feuillade had a thing for nymphs, eh, especially ones that frolic about on water. Each vignette is okay, I liked the different frame shapes, but they go on way too long.

  • The Lonely Villa

    The Lonely Villa


    Griffith slowly perfecting cross-cutting suspense. The last-minute dive to the back room is perfectly timed visually, though of course narratively you wonder why they didn't go there earlier. Fairly naturalistic acting, too, for such a suspenseful film.

  • Mr. Flip

    Mr. Flip


    Ben Turpin harasses every woman he meets and gets a fitting comeuppance each time, culminating in being sprayed by selzer water and getting a pie to the kisser - setting slapstick trends for years to come.

  • The Moon-Struck Matador

    The Moon-Struck Matador


    Matador can't take rejection, gets abducted to the moon, beats up the poor moon, but the stars disapprove. Laughed out loud at his inauspicious return to earth

  • Les chaussures matrimoniales

    Les chaussures matrimoniales


    "Because our shoes fell in love" is a solid reason to get together. Cute Emile Cohl stop-motion/live-action combo.