Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

Maria oh Maria.

Okay, this one giant bizarre adventure of love and beliefs was hyped so much that it definitely had gotten in the way of my experience for quite a bit - I wanted it to kick it off hard from the beginning, and what had appeared was a *set up* for its characters in some unapologetically unique and vulgar ways. These went on until it hit around 1.5-hour mark, yes it's that long but guess what, IT'S FUCKING WORTH IT! The brilliance comes in like a thunder, once the stories of these characters intertwined in "the fateful day" it goes bonkers! From there on I laughed, I gasped, I was in disbelief, there's just no way, he was able to connect all these weirdos with different backgrounds into one gigantic Pulp Fiction-esque tie-in, such a storytelling shouldn't surprise me anymore but it did - Sion Siono decided to say fuck you, welcome to my world. That's what I'm looking for, a director who creates his own template, and he cares about building his characters despite how bizarre his ideas are, and he runs amok with it. This world created by him, it has forced me to believe in the possiblity of freedom in writing a story. While yes, it is not without its shortcomings, like how I wanted a better way to conclude few of the side characters' storyline, this film still remains one epic journey that had me delved into so many emotions - I got to laugh in both excitements and just in such joyous feelings because of what has become of Sion Siono's insane visions, this weirdo is a genius.

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