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  • Magnolia



    PTA: believe it or not this is my most spiritual film
    me: elaborate on that
    PTA: no.

    a lot to digest and some things worked more than others. but considering where I'm at physically and mentally, I think this was the movie I needed to see right now. I love you Paul.

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    "What do you hope that [last] shot leaves the audience with?"

    I'll never forget how I felt the first time I watched this movie end; everything inside me was still transfixed on that screen when it cut to black. Every inch of me felt on edge. Smiling, crying, in awe. I've never felt so viscerally present in my body if that makes any damn sense. And it doesn't make it easier when it plays the bonfire song that takes…

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  • Battle of the Sexes

    Battle of the Sexes


    Billie Jean King: *has sex with a girl for the first time*
    Me: god I wish that were me

    Billie Jean King: *drives down the California coast, flirting with the girl she likes, wind in their hair, listening to music*
    Me: god I wish...

    Billie Jean King: *holds that girl's hand, kisses her tenderly*
    Me: god.............

  • Hustlers



    had more to say about society than Joker