Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★½

I'm not sure why this movie exists. let me preface this by saying that inglorious bastards is my favourite tarantino film. the change in history works so well because i'm not sure there's anything as rewarding and powerful than seeing a group of jews kill nazis and hitler and bring facist germany to a fiery end. besides the fact that a majority of this was lifeless, this did nothing but use Sharon Tate's life as a prop to be some sort of redemption of Rick and Cliff. by Cliff killing the manson followers and therefore saving Tate, her friends, and her unborn child, is this supposed to be his hero moment after killing his wife? by getting invited to the polanski home Rick may now finally have a path to the career he's always dreamed of? by stripping Tate of her agency and literally her voice (Margot's minimal dialogue) this movie seems to say that she deserves to live because she's cute and adorable and loves to dance and party.

maybe instead of fictionally saving a woman that was real in order to save and further the careers of these fictional men, tarantino could have actually helped and saved real women from assault and trauma and not used it as leverage to further his own career.

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