(T)ERROR ★★★½

What's just as infuriating as the things Matt Lynch notes are those snippets of news coverage concerning the arrest, & the clumsy leading language & phrasing used to disguise the flimsy pretense of that arrest. Everyone's out to make a buck, from the counterterrorism suspect engaging in petty theft, to the ex-Black Panther trying to make ends meet for the sake of his son, to the news org looking to grab a few extra eyes with some sensationalized reporting, to the government trying to justify their campaign with a few ginned-up arrests.

FYC: The insert shots of Kalifah's possessions during his initial interview, ending with that shot of the coffee grinder.

FYC2: Me watching & reading too much spy fiction & thinking the consequences of Kalifah's discoveries were going to be more explosive (instead of just being existentially devestating).

FYC3: That double-down shot of the initial Homeland text being projected onto a shot of a stack of DVDs.

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