Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

Everyone who doesn't give this movie their money is hurting cinema. I loved this film so much I saw it twice. This is the type of film you hear hype about and try and keep expectations in check, see it and then try retroactively to find flaws, rewatch and notice the details you thought were flaws really weren't.
I was afraid of this film becoming overblown due to the amount of Spider-people, but this film remains focused due to it's laser focus on telling Miles Morales' story. I think what Shameik Moore brought to the voice acting really made Miles feel more 3 dimensional than any other take on the character. I applaud all the voice casting decisions, because this is the best cast animated movie I've seen in a long time. Jake Johnson was hilarious and heartfelt as Peter Parker, Mahershala Ali was the best part of the movie in his short scenes in it, and Nicholas Cage is over acting his heart out in it.
The animation takes a bit to get used to, but especially in 3D it shines. It's a comic book come to life, and I'll take literally any spin-off they got as long as it looks this awesome.
As for the villains, I didn't appreciate them the first time I saw it as much, because I saw it with 3 adorable little cousins, but on second viewing they are probably some of the best examples of efficient character development. Prowler was probably the scariest thing in a kids film in the past decade. Kingpin is the classic comic book crime boss with an intense love for his family. I really loved what they added to the film.
Now the best thing in this film is the message, that anybody can be Spider-Man. It's important because this film explains no matter who where's the mask what makes you Spider-Man. I think Miles & Peter in this film are the most relatable heroes in any film ever. No matter who you are, or what stage of life you find yourself in I guarantee this movie will full-out speak to you. This is mandatory viewing. See this film!

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