Upgrade ★★★

Spectacular technical elements but flawed story elements. The setup and story are nothing we haven’t seen before, the story is just a typical revenge story but set in the future with a couple of twist. The technical aspects sell the film, hands down the camera work is the best part of the film it’s so creatively done with the camera often tracking every moment and punch that is thrown, it really sets the action above others. The production design is very solid for the most part, there were a couple of times that I felt some of the technology or designs were a bit stupid but for the most part it helped the world feel lived in. The dialogue was probably the weakest element, sometimes it was decent and other times it came off as very forced and cheesy. The acting also is fine, Logan Marshall-Green is fine as the lead and doesn’t add a lot to his character. His delivery of the lines was all over the place sometimes it was good and sometimes it just ruined the line but he does a really good job with all the action throughout the film so I can set the fact that he is basically discount Tom Hardy aside because of how well he performed the action.

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