American Pie ★★★★½

Melvember 2018 I
  I know this movie isn’t like artsy or sophisticated, but it’s honestly a lot fun to watch with some pizza and friends, or if you just want a good chuckle. I definitely like the characters enough to watch all the rest of the movies (only the one’s that have the original cast in it, not those other ones that seem really, really bad) so I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign. The dad was hilarious, and Jason Bigg’s stripping was pretty funny too. But I honestly think that Alyson Hannigan stole the show, she was hysterically funny with the very little screen time she had (I’m assuming that’s because of Buffy going on at the same time, which is also an amazing show) and I’m very happy she’s in this movie. Overall, this movie proves that Alyson Hannigan is on of the best actresses ever, case and point. 

P.S. “This one time at band camp...”

P.S.S. This movie is really, really good, I feel like I’m underselling it in this review, but seriously, if you like a good screwball comedy, then give this a chance because you might just like it even more than I do.


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