Peaky Blinders: The True Story

Peaky Blinders: The True Story

I didn’t watch the documentary but this is the only way I can log my thoughts about this absolute maddening show. So let’s go:

Season 1:
So we start off by meeting our characters-Tommy Shelby,Arthur Shelby,Polly Gray,Ada Shelby,Grace Burgess and the menacing Chester Campbell. I think that many of their stories are dealt with well and each scene is handled masterfully. Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the “battle” during the middle of the finale, it was a god start to a show that had now appeared to become a cult classic.

Season 2:
Everything gets really good from here. We’re back with the Peaky Blinders. They’ve never been more destructive. We get to peak through Arthur’s twisted mind and everything that he goes through. Every single episode is worth watching and I don’t think it could get better. The finale was fucking exhilarating and I couldn’t have been more afraid of what would happen. 

Season 3:
Things take a turn to the other way in this season. One thing I can’t say I liked was the excessive sex scenes and orgies that just weren’t needed. This season perfectly gives Tommy the fall that we didn’t want him to have. Everything from here goes downhill for the Shelby family. But I think that this season has way too much history for me to pay attention to because there were a lot of characters introduced and I couldn’t remember where they began. But like the former season, the last ten minutes save the whole season with a huge twist that has my jaw drop low. 

Season 4:
A season premiere episode couldn’t be more intense than this. Tommy’s got a new look and a new job but he’s still the same fooking Gypsy he was born as. Adrien Brody’s character is introduced in this season and his presence felt so god-like. I loved this season and the way it all unfolds was just so wonderful. Again, the finale was *chef’s kiss* I’m glad that Tommy got to have ONE happy ending to a season. 

Season 5: 
I finished season 5 like an hour ago and I’m in awe. These characters have become somewhat realistic to me. We can see or read about such characters in so many places. I think that Steven Knight deserves a lot of attention for the writing and directing. This season was more interesting to say the least. Tommy’s a calculating man and in this season we’re shown how he reacts when things don’t go the way he plans it. I won’t say more but that ending is just haunting. 

Total ranking:8.8/10. 
Throw in an excess amount of cigarettes,booze and performances of Paul Anderson, Helen McRory,Sam Neill, Adrien Brody, Annabelle Wallis and let’s not forget the talented fook-Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby.

As the seasons pass,Tommy grows more and more ambitious to expand his name not only around Birmingham, but around the world. The world revolves around god watch and stood as he says. He’s charming but damaged, calculating but cataclysmic and sweet but to the ones he loved. But at the end of the day,Tommy was never supposed to be happy. 

Perfect characters, breathtaking cinematography especially in season 5, catchy music and fucking amazing performances, we’ve got Peaky Blinders. What a show and it was worth watching too. Can’t wait for the final season. 


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