fapm has written 3 reviews for films rated ½ .

  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen


    Tries to be funny and stylish but its just bad.

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge


    Let me start with the positives:


    And now, for the negatives:

    - How can you make a film with 3 storylines, and yet, tell no story at all? No plot.

    - Predictable, lousy, noisy jumpscares.

    - Pretty much everything.

    I don't even want to waste time with this garbage.

    This was just a quick cash grab that utilises a well known franchise.

    Serously, the people responsible for this movie to happen should be fired.

    Fuck this film.

  • The Maus

    The Maus


    This gotta be the worst film i've seen this year and one of the worst of all time.
    Nothing in this movie makes sense and there is no effort to explain anything.
    There are scenes that are completly ignored later on and just makes you wonder if you fell asleep at some point and missed something.

    What the fuck was that "twist"? I mean... WHAT?

    Avoid this film and save your precious time for something else.