One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ★★★★

The collective failure by society and the institutions standing responsible to help the ones who really need the help fail to understand mental illness. I’ve seen people in my surroundings often be called crazy because they have mental illness and that’s what this film not exactly normalizes but tries to have a greater understanding in others about mental illness and how often the people who are called crazy and institutionalized suffer much worse fates contained and controlled by a group of higher intellectuals who on purpose or indifference misunderstand them. As someone who deals with anxiety and depression pretty often it felt really inspiring to see a story about liberating oneself from the confines of it.

In awe of Foreman’s directing of his actors, how finely tuned each performance feels and none of them ever look like they’re overdoing it cause there’s a chance of being in poor taste or just misguided that mocks real people who suffer with mental illness but each actor is memorable and leading them is Jack Nicholson’s outstanding performance that won him his first Oscar and Will Sampson’s chief, such a beautiful friendship that emerges from probably the purest form, kindness. Really started moving me in its last hour where Nicholson’s McMurphy an expressive and loud man starts understanding the men he sees one way and enables him to at last makes an unselfish decision and helps free and open up chief, their scenes were the most bittersweet and honest and that final moments is both liberating and tragic.

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