Scream ★★½

Been a few days since viewing it but honestly the way that I have not spent even a single second even minutely thinking about it says everything even if the actual end product isn’t totally outwardly bad and functions well enough as a legacy sequel even if it sort of treats the return of legacy characters with the exception of Dewey as an afterthought. It’s a Scream movie’s duty to comment on the shifting trend in how horror is consumed as a commodity that treats the brutality of violence as a way to sell more tickets and how the market is split between admirers of “elevated horror” and the ones that still prefer just a no thought slasher and also operates as a commentary on how franchises are taken through huge bold swings on request of an auteur who wants to tell the loyal fans who get a hard on thinking about seeing Deaged Luke Skywalker return to fuck off. Honestly admire the writers for basically telling their entire fanbase that they’re dumb and juvenile for still requesting a movie where people get butchered. 

But in similar Scream fashion pokes holes at its logic about who the killer might actually be and has characters say all the smart logical things to do if you want to avoid getting killed and it’s an expected commentary from a franchise whose purpose it is to be a satire of the consumption of horror but the introduction of the reqeul idea which basically permeates through every conversation in this movie just oversteps and becomes tiresome in a way that none of the other movies with similarly constant on the nose commentary ever do. You could leave Wes Craven with a steadicam and watch him create suspense out of a dude wearing a dumb Halloween mask stalking a victim. He was masterful with that technicality and the new filmmakers who made the entertaining as shit flick Ready or not, the filmmaking seems more tampered down here and I could tell that these guys adore Scream and want to pay the tribute to it but maybe Scream was always gonna be at its best whenever it was directed by Wes Craven.

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