Shame ★★★★★

Why do we destroy ourselves ?

Shame directed by Steve McQueen is maybe the greatest potrait of self destruction I have ever seen on film. A man who fills out the emotional drought in his soul by pleasuring himself with meaningless sex. But when we meet him in this film he is in anguish and no longer enjoys it and avoids everything in his life by having sex. It's a drug to him and is not at all in control. But everything in his world is uprooted when his sister shows up. And the hints that maybe at one point there was an incestual relationship between them. Michael fassbender's performance in this film is in my top 3 favorite performances of all time. It was a crime he wasn't even nominated that year. He displays so much of the character's pain and misery with just his face. He is just a sad individual who may or may not find his soul again as the film leaves it open ended. A film is special when it manages to have a complete arc just for one scene. The opening of this film supported by Harry escott's incredible score shows Brandon gazing at a woman. The same woman shows up at the end and Brandon is not who he was. He may have intended something with her earlier and now has come to the realization that he was destroying himself. Shame is one of my favorite movies of all time and is an utter and complete masterpiece.

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