Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Last year I attended TIFF, one of the best experiences of my life and I had an opportunity to attend the premiere of sound of metal or just mercy and I choose just mercy. I'm kicking myself right now.

Someone losing a part of themselves then learning how to adapt to it. For it's story about hearing loss, it's astory about the fear of venturing into the unknown, where life will never be the same. It's really interesting when the two worlds, the hearing and the deaf clash and how it challenges him. His attachment to the hearing world where his life and his love belong and the deaf which he feels like weakness which he has to get rid of. But it's about acceptance, accepting what you have that's why that incredible ending moves you so much. Seriously one of the best final scenes in any movie this year. Love how the deaf community play such a big part in this and how scenes with them become so warm and touching. This better win the sound design awards. Probably one of the best uses of sound design I have ever heard. How it takes you into the perspective of Ruben and what he hears or what he doesn’t especially at the distorted sound towards the end.

Rhiz Ahmed gives the performance of his career. He's my pick for best actor of the year. A heartbreaking performance. Also wanna mention Paul Racci and hope he doesn’t get left out of the awards consideration. His final scene with Ruben was heartbreaking. Will remain very high on my favourite movies list of 2020.

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