• Nope




  • College


    Hit a little too close to home because of how much this movie was like my college life

  • Titanic



    I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby at this. 

    It’s incredible to see what movies used to do with a 200 million dollar budget.

    I get why this was such a big deal, now.

  • Persuasion



    Over the course of this movie, I built an entire kitchen cart and didn’t feel compelled to pay attention even once to what was happening on screen.

  • He's Just Not That Into You

    He's Just Not That Into You


    Aged so poorly- and feels especially dated for a movie from 2009. 

    It’s a very run-of-the-mill 2000s romcom where the characters are constantly waxing philosophical about dating, and women, and men, etc. It’s trying to capture the charm of something like When Harry Met Sally or even Sex and the City, but it just comes off sort of vapid. These characters aren’t solving deep rooted issues within themselves and dealing with flaws beyond their one-note relationship drama, and that’s because they’re…

  • American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules

    American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules


    I don’t know why Kate and I kept watching this after the first 10 minutes but we powered through, and boy was it disappointing. 

    It’s essentially a high school movie fed through an AI generator, told to mimic American Pie-raunchiness, but badly. The comedy just didn’t land, and it felt so procedural that it wasn’t even that fun, either.

  • Cheaper by the Dozen

    Cheaper by the Dozen


    I don’t remember a single thing about this movie except that Zach Braff made a magic sauce and did a TikTok dance.

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    Sort of like an ode to dreamers, however lost or misguided they may be. 

    An energetic, sporadic movie, that bounces from one exciting stretch to the next. The opening hour is such an incredibly directed whirlwind— it really brings you into the world of these misfits well.

    I like that there’s never judgment from PTA on the people involved in the porn work—he sees them as people just looking for community and looking for a way to make a future for themselves- it’s overall a surprisingly sympathetic, heartfelt film. 

    Fun movie.

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Dark, intense movie, that depicts the emotional, human toll of American war atrocities. William Tell is a guy haunted by a past life and seems like he’s running away from something. 

    While he’s a person who was complicit in evil, he was a cog in a much larger, more evil machine. Seems like the movie is about how a man like William Tell can move forward and leave that past behind him. Ultimately, the answer seems to be that you…

  • War of the Worlds

    War of the Worlds


    Absolutely terrifying, and wild depiction of just pure chaos and destruction. Excellently choreographed, gigantic set pieces, as to be expected from Spielberg. 

    Feel like ultimately this is a metaphor of the power that human kindness and compassion can have, smushed up against the brutality humans can inflict on each other in difficult times. 

    For me, the ending feels rushed- it kind of comes out of nowhere, and doesn’t feel as satisfying as it should.

  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    A film about repression, longing, class, eroticism and sex, all filmed so elegantly and lushly. Love the way the camera glides around dynamically- adds to this like fantasy-like feeling the whole movie. There’s something always a little off from the start, like the movie is hiding something. It’s a film about double-crossing, and hiding your real intentions, and the film itself is trying to pull off a similar trick to the audience the whole time. 

    Also there’s some incredibly clever plotting,…

  • RRR



    Probably one of the most fun, exciting, bold blockbusters I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s got everything you want- insane action, tense drama, and a sprinkle of romance. 

    Some of the craziest action scenes you’ll ever see. I was laughing with glee the whole time.

    It’s just so great the whole way through, and that’s saying something for a 3 hour movie, but this movie really understands how to keep you invested! It’s also just refreshing seeing a…