Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★★★

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the best shows I've ever seen. The End of Evangelion is one of my favourite movies ever and I think the importance of Evangelion is understated. The franchise is still popular and relevant in Japan and does have a crazy fanbase but it's still understated just how important this show was. Anime directors all over Japan realised that they could do so much more with their medium than simply tell a story.

The End of Evangelion is a masterpiece, it's an important piece of filmmaking that will hopefully live on as a classic within the realms of Akira, Ghost in The Shell and Spirited Away. This is the conclusion to the TV series that (didn't really) get a proper ending and it asks even more questions than it should answer.

This is essentially an existential nightmare, it's an acid trip of a film that is so perfectly executed it's hard to explain. Most character arcs presented in the series come to a logical and heart wrenching end. This takes teenage angst and makes it one hundred times worse.

(Starting here, i'm gonna assume you've seen the series)

Throughout the series Shinji is lonely, he has no true friends no family and is either alone or reluctantly conversing with the other characters in the series. The tape recorder he listens to music with is a small detail that isolates him from social interaction. The scenes of Shinji sitting on a train alone with headphones on makes us feel alone and creates a sense of loneliness that is intensified throughout his psychedelic dream sequences in this film and the last part of the series.

The world is coming to an end and no one that was made previously aware of it seems to care at all. Gendo, Rei, Fuyutsuki, Misato and Ritsuko are more focused on resolving their own personal issues than stopping the third impact. The world is fucked and most people are content with that.

If I sat here and typed everything I love about this movie then you'd probably have time to watch the entire series and this movie (which you should do).

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