Suspiria ★★★★½

Love and manipulation... they share houses very often. They are frequent bedfellows.

I have been sitting in my living room for the last hour, completely at a loss about what to even say about this film.

Luca's remake of the colorful, off-beat classic is just as quietly terrifying, and far more gruesome. This film pulses with a feminine energy, and while the terror and trauma explored is absolutely devastating, there's an elegance to it. A profound sense of respect emanates from this film. I'm sorry I ever doubted in it.

Suspiria 2018 is the platonic ideal of a remake. It elevates the original to a new level, and even surpasses it in some respects. The mythology hinted at in the original is brought fully to the surface, expanded and reexamined. The cast is stellar and dominates every scene. The camerawork was excellent, and every single performance was so deeply invigorating. A part of me wishes I could just live in every held glance Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson shared.

I desperately need to see this again. There are so many things bouncing around in my head. Feminine power and desire, art as violence and violence as art, abuse and the experiences victims share, grooming, artistic and sexual awakening, blood and lust intertwined. There is just so much to chew on and I'm so grateful I could witness this dance.

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