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This review may contain spoilers.

oh wow.
this is say the least. i was taken on a fucking emotional rollercoaster for those two hours and it’s taken me some time to process so some of my opinions in here may change. 

tom holland and ciara bravo. their performances where insane, i mean the talent they demonstrated was so immense i’m still feeling it. their display of pure, raw vulnerability was brilliant and definitely speaks for what they’re capable of. i was particularly impressed with ciara in two scenes, the scene where she screams at cherry (tom) in the bathroom, and when she breaks down crying over black. the scenes felt so disheveled and raw it was crazy. and many of toms scenes were show stoppers, like the hospital scenes. overall their acting was beyond incredible.

the editing of the film was certainly wonky and felt a little out of place. certain cinematic choices were not needed and very clearly just put in so that people would talk about them. however, the soundtrack of the film was entirely pleasant. 

the film deals with very triggering and sensitive subject matter which should definitely be taken into account before viewing, but it displayed it in a very real way.

the film is quite different from the novel and has a completely different foundation, though it keeps the chapters of life theme. i believe the films change in the message from the book serves a good purpose but it is very clearly not that of the novel. the relationship between cherry and emily is drastically changed from the novel but it serves as the cement in the film which is the glue that was needed.

overall the standout of the film was the performances given by tom holland and ciara bravo, the film was very entertaining and felt like it was only 30 minutes as i was so engrossed.

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