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Just a total screamer for all things horror, erotic thriller, and pro-wrestling related.

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  • Scream
  • April Fool's Day
  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
  • Triangle

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  • Sightless



    Perception is my only reality.

    A blind perception, an unseen reality, a bird and its multiple colors, nightly cries through the vent, abusive couple next door, Madelaine Petsch can't see shit, confined in the blue comfort of the not-Ritz, and the hellish struggles of lifestyle transition for the newly blinded; Sightless makes an intriguing effort out of its subjective, unreliable narrator storytelling and delivers a few worthy shocks as part of the high-concept package that resembles a unique mix of…

  • Love Hard

    Love Hard


    The pen is mightier than the penis.

    Is Die Hard the best Christmas movie of all time?, I still stand by Rick Grimes proclaiming his love to a married Keira Knightley literally behind Mordo's back to be some creepy shit, old Judd Apatow stuff but in the 2020's, McGproducer's stamps all over, a "way-out-of-her-leauge" catfisher's wet dream, chunky personality vs ripped physique, a lover no-go for the Christmas denier, Nina Dobrev being quietly insane, and one huffed and puffed up…

Popular reviews

  • Doom



    Quick Review

    Semper Fi, motherfucker!

    Cheesy, violent and badass - supported by the ruthless performances of The Rock (back when he actually tried) and Karl Urban, crafted with the orange-blue aesthetic of early 2000s blockbuster filter of horror-adventure like no other. Hell Knights, space zombies, a mutated monster in wheelchair, a cool first-person shooter that leads right to a brutal duking between two psychotic superhumans; all around simply awesome synthesis of hard-hitting action and visceral, Aliens-esque horror, both further reinforced by some dedicated practical effects of its time. Unsatisfied video game fans can make another Doom movie for themselves but this...this is my Doom.

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    You fucking beauty!

    As a major fan of the games, I was fucking stoked when this was first announced. Genuinely thought this was going to be directed by James Wan and boy, was I hyped to see a cheesefest of awesome martial arts action and corny characters plus dialogue overkill extravaganza. Then when the first trailer dropped and by which then I looked at the description list and actually noted who the director was, a debuting filmmaker by the name…