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  • How to Change the World

    How to Change the World


    Sometimes revolution begins simply with a dream, a vision, and a courage to act on it. And this documentary, that chronicles the founding and the early days of the Greenpeace organization, really proves that. Well at least in the beginning; before the politics, ego and the organization's demanding global growth kicked in. Part environmental campaign, part group dynamics study, part cautionary tale of a friendship fallout, this documentary is nothing short of inspiring, gripping and devastating at the same time.

  • Two Lottery Tickets

    Two Lottery Tickets


    With a somewhat casual, pretty straightforward premise and just above average execution, this Romanian comedy fortunately has enough tricks up its sleeves. Some of the jokes didn't work on me, but when they did, they were hilarious. The characters are layered and interesting, buoyed by equally good perfomances by all the cast. Sure, it's not a perfect film or a comedy masterpiece, but it's highly enjoyable and I had really great time watching it.

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    The use of silence as a trope in a horror film has actually been done before. We have seen it a few years ago in DON’T BREATHE and the underseen HUSH. But neither one of them really brought it as ambitious as John Krasinksi’s A QUIET PLACE. Its simplistic concept of silence as a tool of survival requires a lot of details to cover any loose ends. And although as a concept is not that neatly knit, the execution made…

  • The Seen and Unseen

    The Seen and Unseen


    Brimming with scenes full of symbolism, Kamila Andini’s THE SEEN AND UNSEEN is a hauntingly hypnotic story of a little girl, Tantri, dealing with loss and mortality after her twin brother, Tantra, fell seriously ill. Andini projected Tantri’s sense of longing with dreamlike sequences, blurring the lines between the real world and its mystical counterpart; ranging from well-choreographed dances mimicking birds or monkeys, to the presence of children-formed spirits.

    Some parts of this film can also be perceived as a…