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  • Ave Maryam

    Ave Maryam


    I'm just gonna tell you upfront that I wasn't a fan of this film, or at least its theatrical cut. I came in Robby Ertanto's AVE MARYAM expecting a deeply emotional story about faith and desire. but it turns out to be a film that prioritizes style over any essential substance. Yes, from technical point of view, this was beautifully-made, but watching it, I feel the film tries so hard to make every effort to reach the same heights as…

  • Girl



    Belgian filmmaker, Lukas Dhont met trans dancer Nora Monsecour many years ago, and over the years he began developing a film based on Monsecour's own journey on facing gender transition, entitled GIRL. Once a festival hit, won major awards at Cannes, and was picked up by Netflix, GIRL suffers from a handful of controversies regarding its casting, its way of telling a transgender story and a disturbing scene towards the end. Monsecour herself came to the film's defense and stated…

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  • Searching



    It's probably a bad analogy, but what SEARCHING does to the whole computer-screen format, is exactly like what THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT did to found-footage. Neither was the first of its kinds, but I believe they are the first ones that manage to make use of their gimmicks and utilize them into something that feels refreshingly innovative. The way the plot unravels is engrossing, thanks to its tight writing and good performance by John Cho. Being an investigative kind of…

  • Shoplifters



    For those of you who have accustomed to Hirokazu Koreeda's films, you would know that he is no stranger to examining unconventional family dynamics; tackling issues such as poverty, genetics, nature/nurture even grief and loss within the context of family. But his latest offering, the Palme d'Or winning, SHOPLIFTERS, feels like a culmination of all those themes.

    Deceptively disguised as an episodic domestic drama, it quietly unravels into a darker, much more complex social analysis. This is a story about…