A Star Is Born ★★★½

After the sweet-as-saccharine, and heart-pounding performances in its first third of the film Bradley Cooper's A STAR IS BORN slowly loses its grip into an overlong melodrama that only manages to scratch the surface of the subject matters this film trying to tread into. Cooper's raw, isolated performance was excellent, since this version focuses more on his character's arc than Gaga's. But while I think Lady Gaga's performance could be better, her natural performance surprises me the most. Too bad that her character is somewhat superficially-written; that results in less-convincing chemistry between her and Cooper and makes the emotional climax felt hollow for me. That being said, it still has its crowd-pleasing moments; great music, good performances, beautiful shots and decent direction from the first-time director. Although this story of stardom and self-destruction is definitely nothing new (of course, since it's basically the fourth time this story has been brought to the screen, not counting the Bollywood remake), but Cooper still manages to single out all the good elements from each of the previous entry and turn it into more contemporary for the current pop culture landscape. Kinda bumped that I'm not as emotionally-pleased by this film as anyone else though.

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